Avoyant proactively monitors network, compute, and storage infrastructure and configurations items that facilitate and support end to end IT services. A comprehensive library of Key Performance Metrics and Indicators and integrated event and incident management technologies provide real time situational awareness concerning the performance, availability, capacity, and security of your IT services.




As an extention of your IT organization, experienced and Certified Avoyant Analysts and Engineers will provide 24x7 Event, Incident, Problem, Configuration and Change Management services to ensure the availability, performance and security of IT services. Our services operations centers will monitor key performance metrics and indicators and initiate proven ITIL v3 incident, problem and configuration management processes. Via a secure portal, customers are provided real time access to both structured and adhoc reports as well granular key performance metrics and configuration items.

In addition, Avoyant will record, process and fulfill all customer initiated service and change requests within industry leading service level agreements for timeliness and quality.  A dedicated Service Level Manager (SLM) will serve as a customer advocate and single point of contact for service level reporting and continuous improvement initiatives.





In addition to the “Managed” service offerings, Avoyant will dedicate Tier III domain expertise to apply proprietary big data analytics on key performance metrics and indicators as part of a proactive and predictive 24x7 managed service offering.  Optimized services are specifically designed to identify negative trends, anomalies and/or behaviors within your IT service environment and apply proactive configuration, change and capacity management to mitigate the threat before it impacts service availability.  Certified engineers will provide a monthly list of configuration change recommendations to optimize your IT infrastructure and associated services.


Optimized tier services also include continuous vulnerability scanning and management of all managed assets.  Avoyant will conduct monthly scans, record vulnerabilities and initiate the necessary configuration and change management processes to optimize your security posture.



Avoyant Solutions Overview


Avoyant has a tiered service delivery model to address individual customer requirements and the ability to allocate various roles and responsibilities across the customer IT organization, our 24x7 operations center and 3rd party service providers.



Unified Communications and Collaboration


Today, collaboration tools and technologies are easily accessible, and many options are available. As the physical barriers to collaboration continue to disappear, IT organizations are actively pursuing innovative technologies that enable employees to work together across a multitude of devices, locations, and organizations.  Avoyant’s 24x7 Managed service offerings address the challenges and complexities of ensuring reliable, scalable and secure UCC services across traditional network, data center, application and security domain operations. 

Contact Center Management


Manage your contact center operations using Information Technology Infrastructure Library aligned processes. Unlike conventional business process outsourcing arrangements, Avoyant Contact Center Managed Services allow flexibility in the focus and responsibilities of each party involved.


Knowledge and experience give you support to manage complex contact center technologies, including IVR, voice, computer telephony integration, call recording, and advanced call routing. Align the right applications and management support assistance to augment your internal capabilities and reduce resource consumption. 

Wireless and Unified Mobility


As employees become more mobile and business applications become more interactive, innovative wireless services and applications are becoming strategic IT assets and a key aspect of the way businesses maintain competitive advantage and improve productivity. Avoyant’s wireless network and mobility services helps IT organizations unify wired and wireless connectivity, supporting real-time core applications and enabling businesses to create a secure, cost-effective mobile workplace. 

Data Center and Infrastructure Management


In this era, businesses are increasingly dependent on IT for mission critical applications.  To achieve business goals, IT organizations face a number of data center challenges  and objectives including; lower operation costs, increase use of automation, use best of breed tools and processes, provide high application availability and manage service levels. Industry trends show that most customers have issues related to data growth, system performance and scalability, effective utilization of resources, energy consumption, tracking and handling of assets, migration to new environment and network congestion to name a few. These objectives can be hard to achieve without specialist assistance.  Customers want to ensure that IT is managed effectively and efficiently. IT is made up of different technology elements and it is extremely crucial to identify a partner who can manage complex IT environment seamlessly.

Avoyant has an array of offerings specifically designed to help you overcome these challenges through Managed Services. Our datacenter and infrastructure management services have a proven ability to help you reduce IT infrastructure & operational costs, achieve higher service and performance levels and manage IT infrastructure efficiently and effectively.

Virtualization and Cloud Services


Today’s IT organizations and leadership have conflicting priorities. The IT organization must quickly adopt and integrate new technology to support the business, but minimize technical debt. Promote innovation, but stay secure and maintain compliance. Be strategic and focus on business objectives, but maintain operational excellence.

The overarching challenge in the era of virtualization and cloud services: support business need for speed and agility, while maintaining control and reducing IT costs. While many service providers will promote a “silver bullet” solution, the reality is that most customers will require a hybrid approach. Workloads will be a mix of traditional and modern application architectures. They will be provisioned in an increasingly virtualized mix of physical and virtual environments managed both on-site and in public clouds. Avoyant managed services operations manage infrastructure and applications in physical, virtual, and cloud environments with integrated capacity, performance, log, and configuration management.

IT Security and Compliance


In today’s business environment 24x7 mobile access, applications and the cloud are becoming increasingly important to everyday business. Even with increased spend on security these days, most enterprises don’t have enough time or in-house talent to cover the growing demand.

With transformational change comes increased complexity and security concerns. Each new endpoint or connection to your network increases exposure to ever-evolving threats, increasing risk and threating compliance. Avoyant offers reliable and scalable alternatives to dedicated staff with our managed firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-virus/anti-spam and web content filtering capabilities, protecting and scaling with your business needs. Through our portfolio of managed, monitored, and intelligence security services, you can:

  • Detect security threats before they impact business critical services
  • Quickly respond to intrusions for faster service restoration
  • Reduce security operations and maintenance cost by 30-40%
  • Get a complete view of your threat profile and security posture
  • Utilize our industry-specific knowledge of legal, regulatory, and standard developments including PCI, SOX, HIPPA, and Data Privacy laws 


IT Service Management and Optimization


Organizations are facing increasing challenges when it comes to managing IT services and enabling business agility.  Avoyant’s IT service management and optimization delivers fully integrated and automated management of IT operations to ensure it is aligned with the business and daily mission of an organization utilizing the right tools and standards to significantly improve customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiencies, and reduce costs. Avoyant offers an unparalleled blend of deep, technical expertise; engineering backgrounds; business experience; extensive certifications in leading technologies and leadership strengths. Experience in streamlining and consolidating processes and automating labor-intensive tasks has earned recognition and praise for exceptional cost savings while garnering customer service accolades.

Managed Services


Avoyant’s proven managed services portfolio helps IT organizations not only reduce operations and maintenance cost but improve the performance, availability and security of business critical IT services.  Our managed service offerings free IT organizations of daily operations and maintenance tasks to focus their resources on strategic initiatives that drive business and workforce productivity.  Furthermore, Avoyant’s service delivery model transforms organization to a proactive ITSM posture and reduces the number and severity of availability incidents that have significant cost impacts to the business and confidence and credibility issues within the IT organization.


Managed services are configurable to customer specific requirements.  Multiple service tiers allow customers to leverage internal domain expertise while relying on Avoyant’s Service Operations Centers to fill voids in technology, processes or subject matter expertise.  In addition, Avoyant offers hybrid services that optimize the allocation of on-site and remote service delivery personnel.


Professional Services


Avoyant’s Professional IT Services team delivers consistent, optimal results through the use of reliable and repeatable best practices that follow a time-tested, proven methodology. Our experience enables us to customize our services to meet each client's specific requirements, ranging from a wide selection of offerings that include: Strategy Planning and Architecture Design through System and Integration Consulting, enhancing staffing skills through Contract Staffing Services, and Data Center and Managed Services that decrease the burden of day-to-day support experienced by your existing IT team. Our services are delivered with the utmost professionalism, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.


Trusted Advisory Services


The speed and complexity of IT transformation challenges the adoption of emerging technologies.  Trusted Advisory services extend well beyond the tactical support traditional professional services offer to address strategic IT initiatives.  If your organization is considering a strategic investment in Cloud, Data Center Virtualization, Unified Communications, Mobility or Unified Threat Management, Avoyant’s experienced personnel are there to make the process more efficient and effective.


State and Local Government


IT Transformation Simplified


Our experience in the State, Local and education markets exposes common trends such as declining tax revenues, increased agency and end user demand for services, decreases in IT staffing, accountability and visibility and the need for more sustainable environmental practices.

Like thousands of cities, counties and state government agencies, limited resources along with the speed and complexity of IT transformation threatens your ability to deliver reliable IT services to your constituents.  Today, state and local government agencies are having to do more with less and frequent organizational or administration changes can also affect an agency's ability to deliver reliable, scalable and secure IT services.  Avoyant’s managed services portfolio has a proven ability to work with state and local government agencies to overcome these hurdles so they can operate at peak performance and efficiency. We help improve IT performance with more proactive IT management services, better communications, actionable intelligence, and improved situational awareness



Committed to improving the Patient Experience
through world-class IT


Over the past five years, the Healthcare industry has experienced a remarkable transformation in the collection, sharing, and use of electronic health information. The industry as a whole faces a multitude of challenges on a nearly constant basis. From ever-changing government regulations to growing staffing problems to rapidly changing policies, there’s no shortage of obstacles for health professionals. As such, this industry needs all the help it can get. And with technology change being yet another of the myriad obstacles facing the healthcare space, Avoyant offers an increasing value proposition by proactively monitoring, managing and optimizing business critical IT services and reducing the number and severity of incidents that consume critical time and resources.


As the healthcare technology architecture works to interpret and fulfill crucial responsibilities such as HIPAA compliance, HL7 integration with clinical hardware, digital medical records, storage and archiving, remote accessibility for physicians, lab IT systems and many more; Avoyant's Managed Services have a proven and demonstrated value. In addition to better management of technology change, perhaps the greatest benefit to healthcare providers is the newfound freedom to focus on the all-important core operations. But such freedom is only achievable when there exists an implicit trust and sound investment in our service delivery model and personnel.




Proactive services to Drive IT Service Security and Reliability


Transformation is sweeping the retail industry. Consumers today are much better informed and more connected. They want mobile shopping, personalized service and instant gratification. These changes are giving rise to a host of innovations around mobile apps, customer data mining, responsive supply chains and cutting-edge in-store self-help technologies.


Proactively manage your retail stores to maximize availability and maintain a secure operating environment. This proactive approach enables remote problem resolution, eliminating the need for technicians to come to your store to return units back to service or to manage security issues. This solution provides increased uptime, lower costs, and improved shopping experience for your customers.




IT Governance, Risk and Compliance services


In today’s competitive business climate, increasing numbers of financial services companies ranging from large organizations with hundreds of employees to smaller, specialized firms,are looking to streamline their organizations to reduce operational costs and increase network productivity. Financial institutions need an easier, more cost-effective IT strategy, and Avoyant's service portfolio  delivers cost-effective cloud managed services that give you the competitive advantage. Your bank systems and technology must be optimized for bank compliance, risk management, bank information security and IT efficiency–all key elements that Avoyant Managed Services brings to your financial services infrastructure.

The days of large IT support staffs and unlimited infrastructure budgets are over and organizations are focused on dedicating key personnel to strategic initiatives and leveraging our 24x7 operations to provide day to day management.  With Avoyant Managed Services, you maintain 24x7 access to a qualified, trusted and customer-focused team of IT professional, proven ITIL processes and an integrated suite of service delivery technologies.

Our banking IT service portfolio is built on decades of experience and continuous investment in innovation, and our managed services experts have extensive financial industry knowledge. Other financial technology partners might require you to take an all-in approach, but Avoyant understands different institutions have different bank systems and technology needs.



Supporting Critical IT Infrastructure


Transformational change is facing IT organizations within the utilities industry. Avoyant's proactive managed services offerings have a proven ability to reduce availability incidents which are the major drivers in lost revenues and customer satisfaction issues.  Our proactive approach enables remote problem resolution, eliminating the need for lengthy post incident root cause investigation and recovery efforts. This solution provides increased uptime, lower costs, and improved experience for your customers.


Avoyant Company Overview


Avoyant is a next generation IT service management provider driven by a corporate culture of quality, innovation and continuous improvement.  The rate of change and complexity of IT technology challenge traditional service delivery models and in most cases render them obsolete. Disruptive technologies such as Unified Communications, Cloud Services and Mobility have created a unique market opportunity to fundamentally change the way IT services are procured and delivered.


Information Innovation Intelligence

IT organizations are overwhelmed with disparate data and information about the health and welfare of their IT infrastructure and applications.  Without context, this information has limited value and is used only once IT services fail.  Avoyant’s ITIL based service delivery model applies innovation and advanced event, incident, problem and knowledge management technologies to provide our customers real time situational awareness and actionable intelligence into the availability, performance, capacity and security of IT services.  With this intelligence, our customers are able to make informed decision and apply proactive problem and configuration management to address the true root cause and reduce the number and severity of availability incidents.


Unique service model

Successful service delivery models and organization are built upon a common framework and reference model. While many organizations state that due to the rapidly changing nature of their business and the pressure from competition to become more cost effective while still achieving the same or greater profits and output, they do not have time or resources to apply process improvement. Avoyant has invested in integrating our people, processes and service delivery technologies under a common ITIL methodology governed by six sigma continuous improvement initiatives.  By improving the processes around IT, Avoyant has a proven and demonstrated ability to extend the benefits of our investment to our valued customers


  • Improve resource utilization by focusing on proactive maintenance versus reactive “firefighting”.
  • Improve availability, reliability and security of mission critical IT services
  • Justify the cost of service quality
  • Provide services that meet business, customer and user demands
  • Integrate central processes
  • Learn from previous experience
  • Provide demonstrable performance indicators



Avoyant strives to offer an environment this is collaborative in nature with opportunities to be challenged and grow professionally and personally…all focused on allowing us to provide our valued customers with the best services possible.


We expect all team members to be active participants in the success of our company whether it be your attention to detail while performing changes to a customer device, your innovative ideas and solutions on how we can more effectively, efficiently and reliably deliver our services, to how we can better foster our culture and employee growth.  While we understand technology itself is important to any organization, the people are ultimately the bond that holds everything together.



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